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What’s NEW in Version Release of Cleo Integration Suite

Cleo Dashboards - Cleo Dashboards offer a single source for viewing end-to-end data transactions in real-time: Where it came from, where it’s going, and what’s the status. With out-of-the-box functionality to monitor and look up transactions within CIS, you will get a consolidated view of communications and translation processes. Also, there is no need to build out a custom dashboard, and you have the ability to give access to non-technical users.

Real-time Integration - This feature provides seamless hand-off between data movement and data transformation. Any data from your trading partner can go through CIS without any use of a file system or external means.

Cloud Integration Connector – S3 - This connector enables out-of-the box connectivity to Amazon S3 buckets to allow users to move data in a seamless manner.

Cloud Integration Connector – HDFS - This connector allows users to move data and populate something specific, (like a Hadoop Data Lake), which drives business intelligence and analytics tools.

Application Integration Connector – JSON - A new data syntax for translation/mapping that is supported by a metadata wizard capable of consuming sample data and automatically building the schema without manual creation. The feature also supports future data structure changes with an automatic update function that is also based on sample data.

Application Integration Connectors – Salesforce and NetSuite - The new Application Integration Connectors for Salesforce and NetSuite are purpose-built, cloud application connectors that enable data exchange with published APIs, including the ability to add translation mapping for integration with back-end systems.

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