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On Boarding

EDI Onboarding Services

The adoption of Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is critical for companies of all sizes to maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. Through this digital exchange of standardized documentation, all supply chain partners attain value by lowering costs, improving speed, accuracy, and business efficiency.

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The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. The vendor must follow standardized steps to connect with the EDI gateway. Generally speaking, the following things occur:

  • A vendor EDI kickoff meeting is facilitated to exchange connection information and review EDI requirements
  • The vendor must provide a test catalog, which is used to generate test transactions that need to be received, acknowledged and processed
  • Testing confirms trading partner systems can communicate with each other using mandated transaction formats
  • The process concludes when transactions are validated and approved

While onboarding of new trading partners might seem daunting, it’s a straightforward process with Effective Data on your side. We use pre-defined templates that place your information into EDI formats for quick connection with trading partners. Our expert team members are also available to walk you through the process. Objectives of a successful onboarding include:

  • Reduction in time and cost needed to spend on each supplier’s EDI integration effort
  • Increase the number of supplier EDI implementations achieved each month
  • Ensure supplier EDI implementations are accurate at both a syntax and business level
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Automate compliance and escalation workflows at appropriate stages of the process
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Easily collaborate among business stakeholders, human resources, recruiting, finance, IT and other core functions
  • Ensure consistent information and communications for new employees
  • Gain real-time visibility into workflows to ensure transparency
  • Improve engagement

Onboarding of new customers is simple with our intelligent and easy-to-use mapping tools. Also, automation solutions are easy to configure with existing EDI or ERP infrastructures. There’s no need to rip out and replace any systems.

Improve business performance with simple-to-use, highly productive EDI solutions from Effective Data. Let us handle trading partner onboarding, as well as all other aspects of your EDI communications, so you can do what you do best. For more information, give us a call.

Why Effective Data?

Effective Data has been a pioneer in the electronic-commerce-consulting arena since 1991. Our core competency is developing and managing technically robust EDI solutions.

We serve clients in multiple industries with customers around the world, so we have a firm understanding of what’s needed for businesses to communicate quickly and efficiently. Our end-to-end EDI platform of solutions and services seamlessly integrates with multiple ERPs.

  • Minimize IT expenditures
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Ensure EDI efficiency and compliance
  • Resolve critical issues quickly
  • Quickly add trading partners
  • Manage partner requirements
  • Scale your EDI infrastructure when your business grows
  • Maintain secure, up-to-date EDI communications across your business and with all partners


Take business-to-business communications to the next level with managed services from Effective Data. We leverage expert people, processes, and technologies to optimize daily EDI-related data exchange and integration. Give us a call to learn more about our managed services.

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