Better EDI
Starts With Listening to Your Needs.

Every business is unique. As we begin each project, our EDI team strategizes and listens to your current processes and pain points. Using an unbiased perspective that weighs all EDI and B2B platforms against your situation and goals, we’ll consider your strategic needs by performing the following:

Our B2B integration assessment will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your EDI program. We will identify ways to optimize your current EDI solution by performing a:

  • Comprehensive review of your EDI/B2B environment
  • Comparison to best practices
  • Vendor assessment
  • Communication analysis
  • Comparative analysis to similar organizations
  • Security compliance audit

Platform Recommendations
There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a cloud, on-premise or hosted solution is best for your business. Effective Data will present your optimal solution by evaluating your:

  • Business priorities
  • Budget
  • IT expertise
  • Acceptance of risk
  • Existing infranstucture
  • Desire for flexibility and control
  • And other key factors

Software Selection
Effective Data excels at analyzing your current core software requirements and identifying ways to support future growth. We will:

  • Define evaluation criteria for B2B integration software selection
  • Evaluate insource/outsource options
  • Conduct a thorough RFP program to screen software solution providers
  • Evaluate and support your software solution

Effective Data will create a cost-effective “blueprint” for your project. Your comprehensive EDI architecture will include your platform, integration interface points and supporting business process. We will:

  • Develop your business requirements
  • Document your business processes
  • Analyze technical platforms
  • Create options and recommendations
  • Leverage your existing investments