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EDI 860

EDI 860 Purchase Order Change

The EDI 860 is used most by buyers to request changes to a previous purchase order (EDI 850). It is critical to make sure that the final purchase order is accurate. The buyer can also use the EDI 860 to confirm acceptance of changes to a purchase order. 

The EDI 860 includes information related to the original purchase order, such as:

  • Changing Dates, Items, or Quantity
  • Adding Items
  • Price Changes
  • Rescheduling Information

An EDI 865 is typically used in response to an EDI 860 to acknowledge and accept those changes. Since the EDI 860 is filled with information requesting the change, accuracy is of the utmost importance. 

Using an EDI 860 instead of manual notification of changes ensures that all information will be accurately communicated and delivered promptly. 

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Data for the EDI 860 can either be manually entered into an EDI standard document or pulled from data integration through your in-house EDI system.

Once the data is entered into the EDI translator, it will begin the conversion process into an EDI document.

The EDI 860 is a critical document for specifying final purchase order needs. Buyers and sellers rely on accuracy when communicating purchasing information. At Effective Data, our EDI solutions provide complete security and accuracy.

EDI 860 transactions are most commonly sent directly to the receiver where the receiver of the EDI 860 decodes the EDI into a document that the recipient can use. The second way of sending the EDI 860 is to send it via a secure dial-up connection to a Value-Added Network (VAN) and then is routed to the recipient.

Purchase Order EDI Solutions

At Effective Data, we support all major EDI communication methods while maintaining knowledge of changing industry standards and trends. 

Our services include:

We offer full-service, one-on-one support for all of your needs. 

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