Behind Every EDI Transaction
Reliable, Secure Communication.

There’s more to EDI than transmitting and receiving formatted data with your trading partners. The transmission system and communication protocol you choose have a direct effect on processing transactions effectively. Effective Data’s VAN, AS2, HTTPS and SFTP services assure you safe, secure, reliable and fast communication, no matter what format of data is being transferred.

Value Added Network (VAN)

Your daily transactions rely on effective electronic data interchange across a Value Added Network, or VAN. Effective Data’s VAN can reduce EDI costs by 50-70%, while assuring fast, secure, reliable and consistent messaging with every trading partner in your network. We improve network performance and maintain the integrity of your data, no matter what formats are being transferred.

  • Safe–Maintain the integrity of data being transferred, regardless of format
  • Fast–Our industry-leading EDI transaction engine and consistent performance allow your business to operate smoothly; smoother transactions let you experience faster cash flow and will strengthen the quality of your relationships with all of your trading partners
  • Accurate–Data does not need to be re-keyed during the transaction process, reducing the risk of human errors and increasing document accuracy
  • Secure–Our security services ensure transactions are conducted safely, and only authorized users are permitted to access the system; archives provide a record of transactions so no detail is lost
  • Flexible–Our fully managed solution allows for flexibility of messaging and connectivity, and adapts to your needs; this lets you stay effective, efficient and focused on your business priorities

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Effective Data also offers AS2, SFTP and HTTPS secure B2B communication protocols that provide your business with one of the most popular methods for transporting data—especially EDI data—securely and reliably over the Internet. 

These protocols essentially involve two computers—a client and a server—connecting in a point-to-point manner via the web. Secure communications secures the data and/or the tunnel for the EDI data, allowing it to be sent securely, using digital certificates and encryption, over the Internet.

  • Data encryption–Encrypts the data rather than the transport channel, providing end-to-end security; channel encryption is also available
  • Non-repudiation–The ability to confirm that a document was actually sent by the claimed sender
  • Message management–The standard way to know whether messages arrived at their destination, and if they were successfully decrypted and verified

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