Savings. Efficiency. Productivity. Get it all with ED Connect.

Cloud EDI is becoming today’s most popular EDI solution. Effective Data’s ED Connect sets the industry standard with reduced start-up costs, access to seasoned expertise, universal compatibility and unprecedented peace of mind.

With ED Connect, you can fully outsource your entire EDI operation and focus on your business priorities. We’ll create, send, receive and manage all your EDI traffic with your customers and vendors. Plus, we make onboarding new trading partners a breeze, and give you full visibility into your data from our convenient web portal. All you need is Internet access. 


  • Affordable monthly subscription

  • No hardware or software to buy or maintain

  • No internal IT staff necessary

  • Comprehensive solution, from conception to ongoing maintenance

  • Optimal performance, always-on availability, fast deployment, remote connectivity

  • Scales with your business

Unparalleled security

  • Secure facility audited to SSAE 16 Type II and certified to ISO 20000-1 standard

  • Complete back-up protection and auditing

  • Retain ownership of your data

Infinite Integration

  • Integrates with all systems including SAP, Oracle, SAGE, QuickBooks™, custom, etc.

  • EDI, EDIFACT, XML, CSV, file delimited, any-to-any mapping

  • Supports any transaction type

Ongoing Support

  • Monitoring and updating of map changes

  • Ensure compliance with trading partner relationships and requirements

  • Testing and complete validation of trading partner connections

  • Easy onboarding of new trading partners

  • 24x7 support from veteran EDI professionals— even on holidays!

If you value low initial cost, fast deployment, data ownership, scalability, security and more, ask us how we can put our cloud to work for your business. »