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With the Best EDI Consultants in the Industry.

We know you’re eager to move your data ASAP. Our senior-level consultants have an average of 20 years of EDI expertise—more than anyone else in the industry. They’ll ensure that your EDI upgrade, migration or new implementation will progress smoothly and quickly, and save you time by minimizing risks.

EDI Services

Our EDI consultants are the definitive experts. We can optimize every process in the life cycle of your project, from building your system to implementation, deployment, management and maintenance. We will also provide a full EDI analysis that will help you identify your potential for future growth. Our flexible and responsive offerings include:

  • Implementation services
  • Upgrade and migration services
  • Translation and mapping services
  • Trader partner management

EDI Implementation Services

We understand EDI complexities and intricacies. To streamline your implementation, our consultants become knowledgeable about your business and its specific needs. We will provide:

  • Technical environment preparation
  • Software selection, procurement and licensing support
  • Business process documentation
  • Trading partner technical and functional support
  • Transaction mapping and data transformation support
  • Testing, training and deployment
  • Post-launch support and system optimization

EDI Upgrade and Migration Services

Whether you’re looking for a single upgrade or ongoing development, Effective Data has the knowledge and expertise to perform a smooth migration. We’ll assess the best method to upgrade your system without disrupting your IT environment. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Upgrade and migration strategic planning and road map development
  • Current environment analysis
  • Platform and architectural design
  • Product and process configuration
  • Migration/upgrade testing
  • Training and knowledge transfer

EDI Translation and Mapping Services

Your EDI documents need to smoothly flow through critical translations in multiple formats. Our EDI transaction experts provide support for documents across EDI, XML and many other data formats. We offer any-to-any mapping on all major EDI software solutions. We will provide rapid, accurate deployment of your solution by:

  • Creating document-specific mapping and translation requirement specifications
  • Analyzing source/destination application specifications
  • Developing translation mapping documentation
  • Configuring, developing and testing mapping interfaces
  • Training and ongoing support

Trading Partner Management

Effective Data can assist with your trading partners’ ever-changing requirements. Whether they upgrade to a new ERP system, change to a new version of an EDI standard, or change their communication protocol, we can help. Our consultants will successfully manage your trading partner relationship with:

  • Trading partner setup and implementation programs
  • End-user training for trading partners
  • Certification of trading partners
  • Troubleshooting services

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