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Manufacturing EDI Services

Optimize the transfer of crucial business documents among supply chain partners with manufacturing-specific EDI solutions from Effective Data.  As EDI consulting & data integration experts we can improve business partner communication and processes, freeing you to focus on more important tasks like product innovation, quality control, and customer service.

EDI integration for manufacturing is essential as supply chains evolve into intelligent networks with real-time track and trace, greater delivery accuracy, and quality metrics. Request a demo to learn more how Effective Data can support your EDI manufacturing needs.

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Many manufacturers continue operating with the same basic set of technologies, including systems to manage order fulfillment, inbound and outbound logistics, and transactions from several shopping channels. As the number of consumers seeking an omnichannel shopping experience increases, manufacturers need to expand existing technologies to meet demand.

Effective Data provides EDI solutions tailored for manufacturers and their supply chain partners. Our products and services make it easy and affordable to collaborate with business associates, transfer data, and integrate internal business processes.

With our EDI tools, suppliers and service providers can become manufacturing industry EDI compliant in no time. Benefits of our EDI solutions include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Automated order processing and inventory management
  • Enhanced accuracy of exchanged data
  • Easily managed activity
  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Costs reduction
  • Integrated with any ERP, MRP or application

Applying analytics, quality management, and track-and-trace applications to supply chains creates better-performing networks. Effective Data offers EDI solutions to suit just about any process. Contact us today to learn more about our EDI solutions for manufacturing. 

EDI Documents & Transactions For Manufacturers

When partnering with Effective Data, EDI documents required to meet manufacturing processes are readily available, easy to process, and hassle-free to manage.  While there are many EDI document types to support specific business transactions, here are a few examples of everyday manufacturing EDI transactions:


  • EDI 210: Freight Invoice – The EDI 210 is sent by a commercial carrier to a shipper (such as a manufacturer or distributor), to convey billing details related to a freight shipment. 
  • EDI 214: Freight Shipping Status – EDI 214 is used by transportation carriers or trucking companies to provide shippers and consignees with the status of their shipments. 
  • EDI 810: Invoice – An EDI 810 is an electronic version of a paper invoice that sellers send to buyers to request payment for products delivered.
  • EDI 820: Payment Order or Remittance Advice - The EDI 820 is used to transfer payment data between businesses or to confirm payment details and advise the seller of any adjustments to the payment amount.
  • EDI 830: Planning Schedule/Material Release - The EDI 830 is typically sent from a manufacturer to one of their suppliers to communicate the details of upcoming needs for any given period. Suppliers can use the EDI 830 to immediately fulfill orders based on the information they receive.
  • EDI 832: Product Catalog Pricing - The EDI 832 price/sales catalog document was created to provide a full catalog of products and pricing electronically, rather than via hard copy. 
  • EDI 846: Inventory Status Transportation - An EDI 846 is an electronic version of a paper inventory update commonly used by retailers to inquire about a supplier’s inventory levels and for suppliers to advise on the number of units they have on hand.
  • EDI 850: Purchase Order - The EDI 850 is an electronic purchase order sent from a buyer to a seller, requesting goods or services.
  • EDI 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgment - Using the EDI 855 purchase order acknowledgment, sellers communicate receipt or rejection of an order to a buyer. This document also communicates errors or changes to an order.
  • EDI 856: Advanced Shipping Notice - In the cross-dock fulfillment model, the 856 contains the end/mark for locations for the orders being shipped to a distribution center. The cross-dock model commonly utilizes barcode labels to assist with receiving reconciliation and allows for the product to flow through, removing the need for put-away and picking operations.
  • EDI 860: PO Change Request - The EDI 860 is used most by buyers to request changes to a previous purchase order (EDI 850).
  • EDI 940: Warehouse Shipping Schedule – The EDI 940 was developed to allow for easy, fast transmission of data to ship goods from a remote warehouse to a buyer’s location. 
  • EDI 943: Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice – The EDI 943 transaction is typically used by manufacturers and distributors to communicate with warehouses when products are being sent to their location.
  • EDI 944: Warehouse Receipt Advice – The EDI 944 provides visibility for the receipt of shipments, reports of overages or shortages in products, damaged goods, and other specific details about a product’s status at a warehouse.
  • EDI 945: Warehouse Ship Advice - The EDI 945 is a transaction set document that is used by a warehouse to notify a trading partner that a shipment was made. It is a primary transaction set designed for communication with remote warehouses, alongside the EDI 940.
  • EDI 997: Functional Acknowledgment Transaction Set – The EDI 997 is a confirmation to acknowledge that another EDI transaction or group of transactions were received from the sender.

Bolstering manufacturing efficiency doesn’t have to be a challenge. Effective Data can do the hard work on your behalf, which enables you to focus on what you do best. Contact us for more information.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Effective Data. They took a last-minute call before the weekend and a few days later, our EDI software was upgraded and ready for our go-live date. They were knowledgeable, thorough and timely. Effective Data will get our business from now on. T.D., EDI Coordinator, Leading National Pharmaceutical Supplier

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