When looking for a solution to meet your industry and EDI needs, many customers have poured over pages and pages of information only to conclude that a lot of the EDI solutions sound similar, but in reality, there are vast differences between providers. Unlike managed services, full-service EDI providers deliver cloud-based technology and associated staffing resources that customize, optimize and operate the technology.  

Our solution crosses any industry or vertical so whether you are in Retail or Manufacturing, Healthcare or looking to implement an IOT (Internet of Things) solution we can provide fast dedicated resources to get the job done quickly and can meet the specialized needs of your industry even under the most extraordinary circumstances.  Unlike other providers, we take the entire onboarding process off your hands, so you can stay focused on operating your business, instead of troubleshooting with partners and suppliers. Industry Examples Include:

  • Retail - Frictionless integration from points of sale to digital stores & mobile sites
  • Manufacturing - Eliminate the need to manually input data from your customers using near real-time transfer of data related to jobs, job requirements, sales orders, and purchase orders
  • Financial - Identify false positives by using machine learning
  • Logistics Print Ship labels locally
  • Healthcare - Meet compliance requirements with the ability to securely connect and integrate to keep pace with the evolving need for privacy, security, and data governance.
  • E-Commerce - Provides the ability to streamline business processes and deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to your customers
  • OnBoarding From Prospect to Customer in days, not weeks
  • IOT (Internet of Things) - Know where you products are at all times

Our expert consultants work around the clock, ensuring that each solution that fits your business needs & ensures that all data transactions within your internal ecosystem remain secure, auditable, and always moving forward.  This includes:

  • Compliance - Dependably meet international, regional, and local mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and GDPR.
  • Visibility - Leverage real-time data monitoring with automated alerts to ensure compliance, reduce the time to resolution, and identify new business opportunities with customers.
  • Governance - Ensure data integrity, secure access to data, and provide proof of delivery with end-to-end data governance.

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