Managing the Digital Transformation of Retail

The retail industry has always been a leader in the rollout of information technology for exchanging business data and documents electronically. In other words, it is a sector fully aware of the value of information and the power of its expediency.  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) lets users instantly process the information in any business relationship electronically and automatically.  EDI is the basis for development of many of the current technological trends in the retail sector and distribution in general, as they all require real-time data.

Information is the key to adopting a business model, optimizing internal management and improving sales processes. Specifically, the use of that information is what led to the development of the most important breakthroughs in technology currently being applied in the retail sector: Internet of things (IoT), Big Data and Data Analysis, essential in the development of businesses and their competitive edge.

The retail industry has done a fantastic job in adapting technology and digitalization to new consumer trends and meeting customers’ expectations. The gradual spread of e-Commerce poses new challenges for businesses, in addition to new opportunities for growth. Nowadays, consumers look for precise information on the products that interest them, a satisfactory purchasing experience and fast deliveries. Due to these changes in consumer habits, companies need to reach their clientele through the appropriate channels, manage demand and comply with the increasingly shorter turnaround times that customers demand, and all this while minimizing the margin of error and costs.

Consumers want an omnichannel retail experience that’s simple and functional and unlike other providers, we take the entire vendor onboarding process off your hands. Therefore, instead of worrying about meeting progressive demands, you can stay focused on operating your retail business. 

Our expert consultants work with your vendors round the clock, ensuring that each one has a solution that fits their business, while still meeting your unique requirements.

Simply put, our relationship-first approach to vendor enablement delivers amazing results that runs like clockwork every time.

How Can Effective Data Help?

ED offers solutions that support a document’s lifecycle through integrations with existing applications and system throughout the supply chain. ED Connect will get you started with the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive solution available today.

Whether you’re upgrading to a new EDI system, unhappy with your current service, struggling with license fees, looking for a more cost-effective solution or losing your internal EDI resource, ask Effective Data to help you reach your integration goals. »