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EDI 832

EDI 832: Product Catalog Pricing

Having up-to-date pricing is absolutely critical for product retailers; it’s how they can make sure that sales are profitable, that they’re charging enough in sales taxes, and what kinds of discounts they can offer their customers.  To provide buyers with up-to-date product and price information, the EDI 832 price/sales catalog document – also known as PRICAT or X12 832 – was created to provide a full catalog of products and pricing electronically, rather than via hard copy. 

To be able to send or receive the EDI 832 documents, your company must adopt the Electronic Data Interchange and integrate it as needed.  Effective Data, the industry’s leading provider of EDI products and solutions, offers a complete range of EDI solutions to fit any company’s budget and integration requirements. 

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EDI 832 Transactions

The dominant electronic document exchange format for more than 50 years, EDI remains the industry standard for fast, accurate data exchange between businesses.  Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers use EDI for a range of activities related to product order submission, purchasing and shipping.  The EDI 832 document includes a range of data elements to keep buyers up to date on fluctuating product pricing, including:


  • Product identifiers such as UPC/EAN/GTI
  • Unit price and taxation information
  • Product description information
  • Unit of measurement
  • Terms of sale
  • Physical details, including packaging
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Supplier identification and contact information


Reasons To Use EDI 832

Use of the EDI 832 document can reduce paperwork, reduce data entry errors and save time by automating pricing updates.  But adoption of EDI 832 requires your organization to utilize the Electronic Data Interchange format within your company.  Effective Data has developed an array of options to allow companies of any size to acquire and implement an EDI solution. 


  • We offer an enterprise-level on-premise EDI & ERP integration that resides on your server and computing infrastructure for a robust, in-house EDI solution.
  • Cloud EDI, our fastest growing EDI solution, is a convenient, off-premise alternative that will allow your business to leverage EDI without the need for investment in additional computing infrastructure. Use it in connection with ED Connect, our proprietary web browser-based system, for a pay-per-use solution that is robust and affordable. 
  • Many small and mid-sized companies need an EDI solution but can’t justify the expense of a fully automated EDI system. Effective Data has responded with Web EDI, an entry-level system ideal for companies that require EDI access but only need to exchange a few documents per month. 
  • Companies utilizing value-added networks can make use of EDI VAN for seamless, automated communication while using multiple formats for EDI translation.


Effective Data offers a solution for any company seeking to leverage EDI for business opportunity and efficiency.  Contact us today to learn more.


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