Healthcare in the Cloud

ED Connect offers built-in EDI healthcare support for all your healthcare integration standards including with HIPPA Level 7 integration.  This provides organizations with a flexible, secure environment for quickly building connected healthcare ecosystems geared for multi-party collaboration and modern channels of patient collaboration. 

Effective Data’s secure cloud-based EDI & eCommerce solutions allow hospitals and healthcare organizations simple ways to automate their entire supply chain and improve their operational efficiencies while lowering costs.

Management of data such as patient history records, emergency services records, and medication data is of critical importance in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals are acknowledging systems that are capable of managing massive data in an efficient, systematic, and easily accessible manner. As a result, electronic data interchange (EDI) is being implemented across all sub-divisions of the industry. Some of the key applications of healthcare EDI systems are medical and dental patient database management, insurance and reimbursement data management, and clinical trials and regulatory data management. Their common modes of delivery include VAN, P2P, mobile, and cloud.

How Can Effective Data Help?

ED offers healthcare solutions that support a document’s lifecycle through integrations with existing medical applications and systems so whether it’s Benefits, Claims, Procurement or Suppliers, ED Connect will get you started with the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive healthcare eCommerce solution available today.

Whether you’re upgrading to a new EDI system, unhappy with your current service, struggling with license fees, looking for a more cost-effective solution or losing your internal EDI resource, ask Effective Data to help you reach your integration goals. »