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EDI Translation Software

What is EDI Translation Software? 

As EDI continues to be a dominant requirement for business-to-business data transfer, EDI translation becomes an integral part of simplifying the process. EDI translation software processes EDI data to and from data that is in an EDI standard format. The process works like this: Data is taken from the original document, enters into an EDI translator creating an outbound EDI message that is formatted to the necessary EDI standard, and then delivered to the trading partner.  

What are EDI Translation Software Options?

Whatever industry you're in, the secure, efficient transmission of data is critical to your organization. Effective Data offers a comprehensive suite of data movement solutions that increase speed, accuracy, and business efficiency while reducing costs. We efficiently move any kind of business data where it needs to go—from invoices and purchase orders to college transcripts, medical records, and more. 

Different EDI translation software options include:  

Need an EDI Solution? Contact our experts to find the right EDI integration for your needs. 

EDI translation software comes in many formats and styles depending on the developer or vendor. Effective Data partners with Cleo to offer onboarding, management, and consulting services for EDI software. Each EDI translation software offers benefits that include: 

  • Fast Transmissions – Manual methods of EDI translation takes time that businesses do not have. Integrated software can process transactions in minutes offering businesses the ability to speed up business cycles.  
  • Error Free – Manual methods often have discrepancies due to human error. Integrated software reduces errors, saving time and money.  
  • Reduced Costs – Paper-based, manual orders can cost over $70 per transaction, integrated software can process the transaction for less than $1 per transaction.  
  • Receipt Verification – Integrated software allows for the guaranteed verification of recieval.  
  • Data Validation 
  • Compliance 

Outdated methods of EDI translation are done manually using paper-based orders. This is often referred to as “rip and read” or “print and re-key.”  

Integrated EDI processing uses EDI translation software to automatically convert data into specific formats acceptable by each company. The data is then rerouted to that system and can be done for both incoming and outgoing edi transactions.  

The most common types of EDI transactions that occur and need efficient EDI translation, include: 

  • Transportation – 204 (Carrier Load Tender), 210 (Shipment Status Message), 214 (Freight Invoice), 211 (Bill of Lading), 212 (Delivery Manifest) 
  • Retail – 810 (Invoice), 820 (Payment order/Remittance Advice), 850 (Purchase Order), 856 (Advance Shipment Notice/Manifest), 861 (Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate), 997 (Functional Acknowledgement) 

Common language and formats that are translated to and from an EDI standard include XML, iDoc, Flat File, and XSLT. EDI translation software will process the data on these different formats and translate them to and from EDI standards.

Why Effective Data? 

At Effective Data, we offer complete EDI software support. Our services include providing cloud-based EDI, on-premise EDI, and EDI via VAN. We partner with Cleo to offer onboarding, management, and consulting services for EDI software.

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