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Meijer EDI

Meijer EDI Integration Provider

Meijer is a Midwest-owned superstore that operates more than 220 stores across 6 states. They offer a diverse selection of goods, including – groceries, clothing, health and beauty, household items, pharmaceuticals, and more. As they look to continue to enhance supply chain efficiency, EDI is becoming a required tool to drive down costs and improve day-to-day business.

As a supplier, you will need to be EDI compliant to meet their EDI transactional needs, that is where we come in. At Effective Data, we offer a complete EDI service that allows you to easily process transactions. Our range of EDI services includes Cloud and On-Premise EDI, EDI VAN, and more.

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Meijer EDI Requirements

Meijer is requiring suppliers to be EDI compliant before developing a relationship with them. At Effective Data, we will assist you in becoming compliant with Meijer EDI requirements. These requirements include:

Meijer's EDI Transactional Flow

These EDI transactions follow Meijer’s EDI transactional flow:

Receive purchase order > Send invoice > Receive debit/credit memo > Receive remittance advice > Receive application advice

Working With Effective Data

At Effective Data, we are committed to providing EDI services to each of our customers that easy to use and affordable. We offer a wide variety of EDI options that include:


Our EDI solutions offer valuable benefits as you pursue a relationship with companies that require EDI. We offer quick and easy onboarding processes as well as technical expertise you can rely on. Our team of responsive consultants is ready to help you during every step of your EDI process. Effective Data will work with you directly to assist in Meijer EDI integration to ensure that you are Meijer EDI compliant during your entire partnership.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how Effective Data can help you become compliant with Meijer EDI requirements.

The communications on the status of our projects have been excellent. All levels from upper management, sales, and consultant and technical support have been excellent. This helps to maintain stability with our projects, achieve on-time project completion dates, and establish and maintain a strong partnership with Effective Data. It is a Win-Win! Vice President, Gonnella Frozen Products, LLC

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