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EDI 864

EDI 864 Text Message 

The EDI 864 is also known as the Text Message Transaction. It contains simple information that can be read by humans rather than computer processing. The EDI 864 could contain a wide variety of information ranging from simple messages to contracts and more. 

EDI 864 documents will include information, such as:

  • Recipient Identifying Information
  • Message Date and Time
  • Free-form Message Text

The EDI 864 was originally created to be used as a one-time communication method to transfer specific data. However, some businesses have begun to use the EDI 864 more frequently to communicate information for which there is no specific document. 

An EDI 864 was designed to be flexible in what information it can send. However, it operates with the same error-free, security, and timeliness as all other EDI documents. 

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edi 864 is known as the text message transaction

Data for the EDI 864 can either be manually entered into an EDI standard document or pulled from data integration through your in-house EDI system.

Once the data is entered into the EDI translator, the conversion process will begin into an EDI document.

EDI 864 transactions are most commonly sent directly to the receiver where the receiver of the EDI 864 decodes the EDI into a document that the recipient can use. The second way of sending the EDI 864 is to send it via a secure dial-up connection to a Value-Added Network (VAN) and then is routed to the recipient.

Effective Data EDI Solutions

At Effective Data, we support all major EDI communication methods while maintaining knowledge of changing industry standards and trends. 

Our services include:

  • Cloud EDI
  • Off-premise EDI
  • On-premise EDI
  • Hosted EDI
  • EDI Assessment 
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Process Automation
  • VAN Services
  • And More

We offer full-service, one-on-one support for all of your needs. 

Contact us below for more information on how using EDI documents can improve your business. 

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