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EDI 852

EDI 852: Product Activity Data

Suppliers and buyers looking to maximize profits need maximum visibility into available inventory to understand sales performance, avoid stockouts and know which products are most popular.  To allow sellers and buyers collaborate more effectively, the EDI 852 – also known as SLSRPT or X12 852 – was developed to exchange detailed sales and inventory information electronically. 

To be able to send or receive EDI 852 Product Activity Data, you’ll have to adopt the Electronic Data Interchange, the dominant format in the wholesaling industry, and integrate it with your existing system.  To make this a reality, Effective Data has developed a complete range of EDI solutions to offer superior speed, accuracy, and efficiency to companies of every size. 

At Effective Data, our EDI solutions focus on providing retailers and distributors with a secure, timely, and accurate way to deliver important documents. The EDI 852 is essential in maintaining stock levels and planning ahead. In addition, our EDI solutions will keep your data safe and accurate as you communicate with partners. 

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EDI 852 Transactions

EDI – the dominant electronic document exchange format for more than 50 years – remains the standard for streamlining data exchange between businesses.  Product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers make use of EDI for matters like purchasing and shipping, but by using the EDU 852 document, buyers and sellers can collaborate to improve sales and inventory performance by having visibility into a range of data:

  • Item and quantity sold in both units and dollars
  • Sales by location
  • Quantity on hand
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Quantities on order and received as reflected in the buyer’s systems
  • Out-of-stock items

With this sort of data on hand, sellers can be empowered to partner more closely with their buyers in a range of activities, including:

  • Optimized inventory planning and management
  • Improved store-level and product-level sales performance
  • Reduced risk of stockouts and overstock situations

By sending and receiving the EDI 852 on a regular basis, sellers and buyers can leverage EDI Product Activity Data for ongoing collaboration, scan-based trading, vendor-managed inventory and more. 

Data for the EDI 852 can either be manually entered into an EDI standard document or pulled from data integration through your in-house EDI system.

Once the data is entered into the EDI translator, the conversion process will begin into an EDI document.

The EDI 852 is a critical document for retailers to manage inventory and product levels. At Effective Data, our EDI solutions provide complete security and knowledge of the EDI transmission process.

EDI 852 transactions are most commonly sent directly to the receiver where the receiver of the EDI 852 decodes the EDI into a document that the recipient can use. The second way of sending the EDI 852 is to send it via a secure dial-up connection to a Value-Added Network (VAN) and then is routed to the recipient.

Retail & Distribution EDI Solutions

Effective Data provides various solutions to allow your organization to submit EDI 852 documents. 

  • Cloud EDI, our fastest-growing EDI solution, is a convenient, off-premise solution that will allow your business to leverage EDI without investing in additional computing infrastructure. Use it in connection with ED Connect, our proprietary web browser-based system, for a pay-per-use solution that is robust and affordable. 
  • Our on-premise EDI & ERP integration resides on your server and computing infrastructure for a robust, in-house EDI solution for matchless security, access, and data integrity.
  • Companies utilizing value-added networks can make use of EDI VAN for seamless, automated communication while using multiple formats for EDI translation.
  • For small and mid-sized companies that can’t justify the expense of a fully automated EDI system, Effective Data has responded with Web EDI. This entry-level system is ideal for companies requiring EDI access, but only need to exchange a few documents monthly. 

Effective Data is the solution for companies of all sizes seeking to leverage EDI for business opportunities.  Contact us below to learn more.

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