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Kroger EDI

Kroger EDI Integration Provider 

Kroger is the United States’ largest supermarket chain by revenue and the second-largest general retailer behind Walmart. As grocery and food retailers look to continue to enhance supply chain efficiency, EDI is becoming an effective tool used across the industry to drive down costs and improve day-to-day business.

Setting up a relationship with the Kroger Company will require you to be EDI compliant and meet their EDI needs. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our solution to EDI integration with Kroger.

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Kroger EDI

Kroger EDI Requirements

Suppliers must become EDI compliant and be able to meet the Kroger EDI transactional requirements. These requirements include the following edi transaction documents:

204: Motor Carrier Load Tender

210: Motor Carrier Freight Invoice

214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

810: Invoice


812: Debit/Credit Adjustment

820: Payment Order

824: Application Advice

850: Purchase Order

Kroger’s EDI Transactional Flow

These EDI transactions follow Kroger’s EDI transactional flow:

Receive purchase order > Send invoice > Receive debit/credit memo > Receive remittance advice > Receive application advice

Benefits With Effective Data EDI

At Effective Data, we are committed to providing EDI services to each of our customers that easy to use and affordable. Our EDI solutions offer valuable benefits as you pursue a relationship with companies that require EDI. We offer quick and easy onboarding processes as well as technical expertise you can rely on. Our team of responsive consultants is ready to help you during every step of your EDI process.We offer a wide variety of EDI options that include:

Effective Data will work with you directly to ensure that you are compliant with Kroger EDI requirements before and during your partnership.

To learn more about how Effective Data can help you become compliant with Kroger EDI requirements, Contact us.

Effective Data has a great team and is always interested in understanding how our business operates and how important EDI is to our success. Cottage Door Press

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