Proven Methodology and Tools
For Consistent Success.

Complete peace of mind. That’s what our proven e.6 methodology delivers to your business. These six steps to effective e-solutions combine extensive experience, customer-centric processes, best practices and the industry’s best technical expertise, so your EDI system meets your unique needs—today and tomorrow. 

We’ll start with a 360° view of your industry position, opportunities and resources to create your optimal EDI solution. Then we’ll perform a thorough discovery and analysis to customize an EDI strategy that meets your long-term objectives.
We’ll dig deep, down below the surface to assess your unique systems requirements, risks and critical success factors. From there, we’ll formulate your comprehensive solution architecture and design.
Now it’s time to put the pieces together. We’ll develop your unique EDI solution using an iterative process that minimizes risks and maximizes solution design efficiency.
Before your EDI solution ever sees the light of day, we’ll test it thoroughly, throughout the project life cycle. We’ll run it through client-specific scenarios that ensure the delivery of a functional, effective EDI solution.
Perfection is in the details. To ensure optimum performance in your business environment, we’ll plan, monitor and execute the implementation of your EDI solution.
Your EDI solution is running on all cylinders? Fantastic! But you’ve only just begun. From staff training to productivity analysis, we provide highly-specialized support services that ensure ultimate system performance.