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Turn your Value Added Network (VAN) into a savings engine

If you signed your VAN contract with another provider several years ago, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying. Effective Data may be able to lower your VAN costs by 50-70%. The changeover is fast, easy and seamless, with no business disruption. Here’s how we can help you save.

No monthly minimums
Some companies charge a minimum rate for VAN service, no matter how much data you use. Instead, Effective Data offers tiered pricing that automatically adjusts to your volume. This can mean big savings every month.

Highly competitive kilo-character (KC) rates
If your VAN contract dates back to 2015 or before, you may be paying exorbitant KC rates and may be incurring hidden costs for going over your data limit. Effective Data’s KC rates can provide you with significant savings.

You’re focused on business priorities, and reviewing your VAN contract probably isn’t top of mind. Maintaining the status quo might appear to be easier, and you might assume your current bill is the norm. Such thoughts can be costly. By switching to Effective Data’s VAN, you may be able to save significantly, while improving network performance with a safe, fast, accurate, secure and flexible data movement solution.

Start saving today and ask our data movement experts for a free VAN analysis.


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