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Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Challenges Increase the Pressure

The pandemic has left global supply chains in a state of flux. With shipping containers in incorrect locations, a lack of truck drivers and ever-rising costs, supply chain challenges are not going away any time soon. These challenges force pressure on the people who work for businesses involved in supply chains, e.g, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and so on.

Why are we highlighting this to you?

As your customers are key to your business, it is crucial to understand their pain points and how you can help support them in their future success. After all, it is their success that contributes to yours! So, let’s dive into what your customers are going through in today’s climate.

Increasing costs and consumer demands

With most manufacturers struggling with rising costs in their supply chain, it is apparent that the long-term focus of cutting costs and being as efficient as possible is not an option with the market as it currently stands. Over half of the retailers, manufacturers and brands (56%) represented in a 2021 survey, said that their number one business goal is to reduce logistics costs. Therefore, many businesses, that are your customers, will be struggling to meet this goal. A rise in cost will generally have the greatest impact on low-margin companies, which tend to be found in sectors such as transportation, general retail, construction and autos. Some might want to be able to offer their product for the same price, but it simply isn’t a viable option for the majority of businesses. This will leave them with no option but to up the price of their products and potentially lose some customers to their rivals!

Problems in Freight

Thousands of containers have been stuck in the wrong place making it feel like there aren’t enough goods to meet demand. Even though it may feel like there aren’t enough containers to go around, it isn’t the case. If you think back to the Grand Suez Canal incident in March as well as ports in China being shut down across spring-summer time which lead to an estimated 350,000 containers sitting at docks. These events have led to a backlog, thus containers are not where they need to be now.

With containers now costing more than double what they were worth in 2016, it is clear that there is still a high demand for freight logistics, even as we remove lockdown restrictions and come out of the pandemic. Many are now saying that online shopping is here to stay, so this could be why!

Truck Driver Shortages

There is a shortage of truck drivers, and this issue stretches across the globe. Some estimates say there is now a shortage of more than 100,000 qualified drivers.

What does this mean for your Data?

Customers need now more than ever data delivered quickly and efficiently to ensure that you have near real time information available to make informed decisions about your supply chain. Effective Data is the premier Data Mover in the market and our ability to move your data from supplier to customer is second to none. Whether your customers are delivering to businesses within the supply chain or the end consumer themselves, they will be feeling the pressure to meet their expectations. It’s time to relieve that dead weight off your customers’ shoulders, by providing them with an end-to-end data solution.

Supply chain pressures are here to stay and with digital transformation in acceleration, it’s time to take action. To learn more about how Effective Data can help your improve your supply chain program, please visit our website at or reach to our account team for assistance.

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