IBM Sterling Gentran:Server

If your company is looking for a comprehensive e-business solution, the IBM Gentran:Server might be the answer to your needs. Designed to address increasing demands, the system is composed of a data store, process, communication controllers, and user interface clients. Altogether, the Gentran:Server can lower costs, improve quality of service and maintain the competitive edge in your enterprise’s marketplace.

Communicating effectively with suppliers is one of the leading reasons why companies turn to this IBM solution, as it allows them to bear the standard within their industry for seamless data transfer. A high-quality integration allows businesses to display a masterful grasp of their own technology. Current systems may prevent your company from conducting business effectively, presenting embarrassing glitches and poor flexibility. As a result, the Gentran:Server was a devised as a benchmark for e-business transactions more than 30 years ago.

Without the ability to address your partners’ needs in a thorough and timely manner, your enterprise may fall behind the times and lose ground in its market. Your business challenges are distinct, specific to both the market space you occupy and the nature of your clients’ expectations. The mixture of software, service and support that IBM presents allows for rapid integration and impressive deployment, lending dynamic agility to your business model.

At Effective Data, we’re a proud partner of IBM and our team of EDI professionals has the experience to effectively configure and implement IBM’s Gentran: Server. We offer users one of the industry’s most trusted and high performance EDI translation solutions designed for the translation of inbound and outbound EDI files and messages.

Effective Data integration services include mapping, testing and implementation, Gentran installation/configuration and ongoing managed services.

  • Partner management
    Creates and maintains all the information you need to exchange data with a specific trading partner.
  • Standards maintenance
    Allows you to display and maintain EDI standards online and to create customized standard versions.
  • Auditing, tracking and monitoring
    Visibility of user documents (or transactions) that are inbound, outbound, in error and stored in the system’s database and file system. Also offers the functionality to reprocess, delete and correct previous transactions.
  • Security maintenance
    Provides complete user-access and feature-access control to the Sterling Gentran system.
  • Mapping Integration
    Allows you to build maps that define the relationships between your application files and your EDI standards. When EDI processing is initiated, Sterling Gentran selects the proper map, based on partner definitions, and translates your data into the appropriate EDI format.
  • User-defined error messages
    Constructs messages and reports data errors the way that is best for your business.

IBM has created and driven the industry standard for effective EDI systems and management. At Effective Data, our long and fruitful partnership with IBM gives our experts insight into the deployment and troubleshooting of systems like the Gentran:Server.

A pioneer in EDI technology, IBM offers EDI software for business process automation and integration that fits each business and their individual needs. Effective Data is experienced in the implementation of IBM’s wide range of software products, and you can trust that we can help you choose the option that best suits your needs. Effective Data will implement solutions that allow you to work seamlessly with your trading partners while maximizing efficiencies and cost savings. As an IBM reseller, Effective Data can offer our clients superior service and discounted pricing on future software purchases.