IBM Sterling Gentran:Director

In a complicated business environment, there’s nothing like simplicity.

With the IBM® Sterling Gentran:Director, your data transfer with partners can be streamlined for a limited investment. Compete where you’ve never been able to compete before while meeting compliance goals and enjoying the benefits of electronic data interchange (EDI).

So how does it work? The Sterling Gentran:Director is a forms-based EDI translator that allows enterprises to begin exchanging documents with virtually any type of business or trading partner. Users also experience the reliable speed, data integrity and security capabilities that are hallmarks of all IBM® products. This product is sophisticated in design and simple in deployment, making it a good option for businesses that need to step up their partner communication model.

We can also deploy the IBM® Sterling Gentran:Director Pro, a solution that allows enterprises to leverage the advantages of EDI with a quick-to-install, ready-to-use and reasonably priced software solution. It builds on the features of the Sterling Gentran:Director to allow you to quickly get your entire trading community up-to-speed on EDI.

As a proud partner of IBM®, Effective Data’s EDI specialists have a depth of experience and knowledge to deploy the right system for your enterprise. As an IBM® reseller, Effective Data can offer our clients superior service and discounted pricing on future software purchases.

Here are some of the features of the IBM® Sterling Gentran:Director:

  • Document processing
    An easy-to-use and intuitive desktop interface counts and reports the number of documents that are ready to send. Then, the documents are viewable in the corresponding Out Drawer, alerting you to whether they’ve been accepted, rejected or are awaiting acknowledgement. Users can also see the status of incoming correspondence in real time.
  • Electronic file cabinet
    A searchable file of your past transactions are stored when the In Drawer and Out Drawer automatically retain copies of documents. This makes it easy to peruse your business history and retrieve important information for future transactions
  • Document turnaround
    Information from incoming messages such as purchase orders can be translated into an outbound reply, such as an invoice. The data is transmitted back to the sender to ensure accuracy and save time.
  • Process control
    Without an EDI solution, your business might be limited to the hours when employees are present at work. With the Sterling Gentran:Director, decision makers can enable unattended operations, automated processing and other functions that keep your business running around the clock.
  • Controlled access
    One of the useful security features of this solution is that company leaders can specify who may access particular features and EDI data.
  • Auditing and tracking
    The Sterling Gentran:Director analyzes why outbound and inbound documents are suspended, checks the system during startup and monitors the results of unattended operation. This alerts your enterprise of denied access, errors and other warning conditions.
  • Printing options
    When you require a hard copy of EDI documents in the IBM® system, they can be printed in portrait or landscape using print translation objects. Users can also export them to a word processor for reformatting.
  • Translation objects
    EDI transactions can be produced using ready-made translation objects in the Sterling Gentran:Director. Users can also build their own using Forms Integration.
  • Communication tools
    As your business expands, it’s critical to maintain profiles of your trading partners like communication requirements, methods and schedules. This product allows you to store that information in a convenient module.

A pioneer in EDI technology, IBM offers EDI software for business process automation and integration that fits each business and their individual needs. Effective Data is experienced in the implementation of IBM’s wide range of software products, and you can trust that we can help you choose the option that best suits your needs. Effective Data will implement solutions that allow you to work seamlessly with your trading partners while maximizing efficiencies and cost savings. As an IBM reseller, Effective Data can offer our clients superior service and discounted pricing on future software purchases.