Solution at a Glance

Supercharge your enterprise by uniting people, processes and technology.

  • Cross-platform electronic data interchange that simplifies collaboration and promotes growth
  • The B2Bi configurable dashboard easily automates a host of enterprise activities
  • Broad support for a wide range of communication and transformation protocols
  • Easy onboarding of new customers accelerates vital data analysis and storage priorities
  • Individual and holistic views of enterprise segments aids in proactive initiatives
  • Fully scalable and flexible to align with your business’ individual needs and future opportunities
  • Security-rich features that allow scalable user-based access and satisfy compliance
  • Anytime/anywhere mobile management gives users remote tools to manage B2Bi from anywhere

Simplicity. Overwhelmed by a world of increasingly complex technology, your business partners and potential customers want simplicity in business-to-business best practices. If integration processes could be centrally automated across your enterprise─robustly building tighter relationships and quickly enabling collaborative outreach─your opportunities for strategically directed business growth would expand and accelerate.

This, and more, is the potential of IBM B2Bi, a power-laden, cross-platform solution available through Effective Data. With B2Bi, a remarkable dashboard lets you see further and faster into business processes, enabling a host of transformative benefits, including streamlined data transfer, compliance and SLA assurance, operations continuity, leading-edge security and clear visibility into partner communities. A trading-partner management tool enhances relationships and facilitates easy onboarding. With B2Bi, you can easily translate data between multiple data formats. Converting data from one form to another is smoothly done with B2Bi’s easy-to-use mapping tools featuring drag-and-drop functionality, as well as convenient map testing, debugging and filtering options. And built-in EDI analytics, including process validation and error notification, ensure data-transmission processes are in line with your business policies. B2Bi also helps keep your eye on your business by providing 75 automated reports, plus provides report customization.

A true World Class EDI business tool, B2Bi speeds channel development, expands your value chain, accelerates product introductions and helps you manage customers individually or holistically. It is fully flexible and scalable to align with your evolving requirements ─ and those of your expanding enterprise. What’s more, this proven solution integrates into any backend system and accommodates custom ERP technology.

Effective Data is a proud partner of IBM, having specialists with a wealth of experience in deploying and managing B2Bi for clients. Whether you want to purchase new software or need help with implementation, onboarding or managed services, Effective Data has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.

Improve business processes and community management

  • Gain centralized visibility into business-partner communities.
  • Manage and grow communities using one centralized, scalable system.
  • Support processes with powerful dashboard, execution engine, and layered modeling and component reuse.
  • Dashboard features:
  • EDI tracking activity between you and top ten partners.
  • System activity monitoring for errors and efficiency.
  • Average process-time monitoring.
  • Review current system status.
  • Data linking to locations outside of interface.
  • Other website or system display through specified portlet.
  • Customize partner configurations.
  • Deploy digital certificates.
  • Reduce error rates.
  • Onboard intelligently with partner self-provisioning.

Powerful communication, integration and transformation

  • Support a range of B2B Communication Protocols including: SOAP, S/FTP/S client and server, HTTP and HTTP/S, SMTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, RosettaNet, WebDAV, Zengin TCP/IP and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct.
  • Use policy-based file transfers.
  • Work with file sizes of up to 50 gigabytes.
  • Provide IPv6 compatibility.
  • Enable “always on” trading partner comms with an optional AS2 and AS4 high-performance and high-availability architecture.
  • Use a multi-purpose Data-Transformation Engine that supports traditional EDI and XML formats and XSLT service.
  • Traditional EDI: X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS and Verband der Automobilindustrie.
  • XML standards: OAGi, CIDX, PIDX and RosettaNet.
  • Internet standards for B2B data exchange: RosettaNet, RNIF, ebXML, 1SYNC and EBICS XSLT service to transform XML documents.
  • Work with an integrated development environment (IDE) tool to create custom applications faster.
  • Use a software development kit (SDK) to create your own adapters for systems.
  • Employ back-end connectivity adapters for enterprise applications, enterprise application integration (EAI) messaging platforms and various technology protocols and formats.
  • Validate inbound and outbound data based on HIPPA rules defined for Level 1 through Level 6.
  • Leverage content-based routing.
  • Interoperable with .Net 1.1/2.0, Axis 1.x/2.0, Xfire 1.2.6 and Java EES.
  • Take advantage of Web services through support for SOAP, WDSL.

Security for enterprise protection and worry-free activity

  • Provide identity management, including authorization and authentication.
  • Use a DMZ firewall that adds layers of protection between your environment and a public network.
  • Grant data access and system operation via end-user roll-based policy.
  • Protect communication with security-rich mailbox repository.
  • Provide security-rich data transport (SSL, SFTP/SSH) and data encryption (S/MIME and PGP).
  • Avoid transmission headaches with non-repudiation, using the AS2 or AS3 protocol.
  • Gain confidence with message- and transport-level security based on WS-Security 1.0 compliance, including WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and Basic Security Profile 1.0.

Back-end connectivity adapters enable easy integration with enterprise applications

  • Enterprise applications.
  • SAP (BAPI, IDOC and NetWeaver), Oracle, PeopleSoft, Vantive, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise.
  • EAI messaging platforms.
  • IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, BEA Tuxedo, TIBCO Rendezvous, Microsoft MSMQ, JMS Queue and Topic.
  • Technology.
  • JDBC, CORBA, LDAP, command line, file system, EJB, RMI, SNMP trap, JCA, IM (Instant Messaging).

Mobile management from anywhere at any time

  • Manage and monitor processes (including alerts) from a mobile device, including system status, database growth and average business-process wait time.
  • Run or restart failed or halted business processes.
  • Initiate key functions such as manage lock resolution for users and resources; initiate thread and head dumps; turn logging on/off.

A pioneer in EDI technology, IBM offers EDI software for business-process automation and integration that fits each business and its individual needs. Effective Data is experienced in the implementation of IBM’s wide range of software products, and you can trust that Effective Data can help you choose the option that best suits your needs. Effective Data will implement solutions enabling you to work seamlessly with your trading partners while maximizing efficiencies and cost savings. As an IBM reseller, Effective Data can offer its clients superior service and discounted pricing on future software purchases.

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