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How to take advantage of Bundled Solutions with Effective Data

Bundles are multi-product solutions that can be easily created by combining one or more Effective Data solution.  This includes:

You can also include custom assets such as ERP or 3rd Party solutions to create a comprehensive data network. 

Unlock unparalleled potential with our "Complete EDI Integrated Operating System." Seamlessly implement this solution at any time to extend its capabilities across your entire enterprise. Experience empowerment as the system opens gateways for shared asset visibility within your infrastructure. Its flexible design supports easy integration and flow, enabling the seamless addition of future platform services. With this innovative operating system, gain a comprehensive understanding of your data movements and their profound impact on your ecosystem.

To succeed, we need to create a platform even more cohesive, unified, and intuitive than what we offer today. The ability to package more than one Effective Data solution is a step towards our vision of that platform. In our vision, the world no longer views integration as just being about “connecting system A to B.” Instead, it’s about creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem that encompasses data management, API governance, and workflow automation — all under the same roof.

Effective Data has over 32 years of experience in providing advanced systems and services for business automation which results in a cloud-based B2B platform that enables dynamic and reliable data exchange between you and your trading partners which helps your company significantly improve its business efficiency.

Plus, thanks to the implementation of AI, blockchain, traceability, and machine learning technology, Effective Data guarantees that as your EDI bundle provider, your supply chain processes will always be perfectly optimized for achieving greater business results and whether your company wants integration, automation or both, our solution will enhance your capabilities without adding additional infrastructure. 

To learn more about how you can take advantage of Effective Data’s Integration offerings, please visit our website at or reach to our account team for assistance.


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