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How to offer a Truly Data-driven, Omnichannel Experience

Offer your customers & suppliers a better experience!

Customers are increasingly selective and will only buy from those providing the best, hassle-free, satisfying experience. These are the brands that create loyalty and return customers who come back again and again.

So how can you redefine the customer journey to match these demands, and become a truly data-driven business?


Taking Stock of Multiple Data Sources

Retailers for example have many open fronts: from physical point of sale (POS) in the store itself, to the ecommerce site, to customer support applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. All these systems and data need to be tied together across the entire business, to create impeccable, customized service.

In addition, retailers need to eliminate the errors and delays resulting from disconnected apps, which can seriously damage a smooth customer experience. Often, these apps are disconnected because some live on-premises and some in the cloud, and there is no hybrid bridge between the two.


Omnichannel, Multi-touchpoint

While customers digital interaction has many fronts, they demand a single, integrated experience. Many businesses on the other hand, needs to have a complete view of its customer data to choreograph a consistent and contextualized journey. Aggregating the data from multiple systems will help you understand each individual customer and personalize the experience according to their specific tastes and requirements.

While customers can sometime struggle to connect all these into a single source of truth to keep the experience seamless, the solution is to connect the data received on all these interactions, creating a well-rounded, accurate reflection of your customers data interactions. 


Supplier Relations Are Just as Critical

It is important to strike a delicate balance with suppliers as well as customers. Supplier interactions are fraught with potential fail points when entrusted to manual management, but automating EDI transactions will help retailers gain scale while saving time and money both for the company and for the trading partner. Should they wish to expand with partners like Amazon and eBay, process automation helps them meet EDI requirements and grow their businesses to meet their customers where they are.

A great customer experience is the cornerstone of brand loyalty. Today, this experience is multifaceted, spread across many channels, and more complex than ever. Keeping tight control of data stemming from all these sources, and ensuring all applications are seamlessly integrated are the keys to realizing the ideal of customer-centric, omnichannel data.


Our ED Connect cloud solution can provide you, your customers and your suppliers a single view of your data interactions and will help you realize customer-centric, omnichannel data.  Reach out to our Account Management team today to get started.

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