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Effective Data Modernizes Radio Flyer’s EDI

Radio Flyer’s familiar red wagon has been an American icon of childhood for more than 100 years, and they also produce tricycles, scooters and more. But their toys are timeless, not their technology. As the company has grown so have their technology needs, including their EDI requirements.

Radio Flyer switched ERP systems which meant they also needed to revisit their EDI infrastructure. They faced two significant challenges:

1. Staffing. Radio Flyer struggled finding, hiring and retaining quality staff to handle their EDI.
2. Cost. Changing hardware platforms made the existing EDI platform outdated, and expensive to support.

The Radio Flyer toy company needed help modernizing their EDI. Like many businesses, they found Effective Data was the perfect partner.

Radio Flyer Hitches Their Wagon to Effective Data

We quickly got to work integrating Radio Flyer’s ERP and EDI. As a pioneer in the electronic commerce consulting arena, we have decades of experience developing and managing effective and technically robust EDI solutions. We put that experience to good use for Radio Flyer. Our thorough understanding of industry standards, best practices and technology helped us identify Radio Flyer’s key business objectives, define the best solutions for them, and manage the project from start to finish.

We moved Radio Flyer’s EDI to ED Connect, our proprietary cloud platform, which was exactly what they needed to get their EDI modernization running quickly. We provided the interfaces, resources and processes—migrating Radio Flyer’s EDI data while providing critical support through every phase.

Effective Data Moves Data

ED Connect creates, sends, receives and manages all EDI traffic between customers and vendors seamlessly, while providing unparalleled security. Our complete EDI solution includes:

  • Assistance with file integration.
    Integrating into a cloud platform requires a high level of file information between trading partners, including consistency in naming conventions and character counts. We work closely with our clients to align every detail.
  • EDI support before and during the cloud migration process.
    We assist our partners every step of the way to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.
  • Trading partner onboarding.
    We set up all business rules and vendor assistance to ensure all parties connect seamlessly with our partners’ processes. We also conduct third party certification testing.
  • Migration of all EDI maps and transactions to our ED cloud solution.
  • Ongoing support and outsourcing of the EDI environment including error resolution and 24-hour coverage.

Let Effective Data Do the Heavy Lifting

Effective Data’s cloud solution has significantly reduced errors in Radio Flyers’ purchase orders and invoices while saving them time, money and effort. ED Connect is affordable, accessible and flexible, eliminating upfront costs on hardware and software while providing easy scalability and security. In fact, Effective Data  supplies more data protection than many companies could provide on their own. More importantly, Radio Flyer is now able to focus on its core business and leave EDI to the experts.

Effective Data has become the go-to EDI source for countless businesses in an extraordinarily wide range of industries, delivering impressive EDI expertise and support, and unrivaled peace of mind. To learn how Effective Data can modernize your EDI, contact us.

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