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Effective Data Integrates EDI with IFS


Effective Data (ED), a leading-edge EDI cloud and software company was exclusively brought on to spearhead a large EDI migration by an automotive supplier, Kendrion Corporation. Kendrion manufactures and markets innovative, high-quality electromagnetic and mechatronic systems and components for customers all over the world. Kendrion had a recent acquisition and was searching for EDI experts to help them efficiently interface with numerous trading partners while simultaneously integrating with IFS. Kendion researched many EDI companies for high level technical experience. After much evaluation and global meetings, Effective Data’s expertise surpassed the competition and was chosen for the implementation.

Business Situation:

After careful EDI software assessments, Effective Data recommended IBM’s Gentran Server to Kendrion.  The project began with a kick off meeting between both parties to discuss approach and methodology.  We designed and provided an easy integration flow between IFS and Gentran Server. Once the software was installed, we configured Gentran Server to the customer’s specification.  Secondly, we began mapping and migrating all Kendrion’s EDI customers from their existing PLEX system to Gentran Server.  This project happened concurrently with the installation and implementation of IFS 7.5.  ED’s team seemlessly on-boarded all customers to Gentran Server plus added an additional 30+ new trading partners and 100 maps.

Key Business Challenges Included:

  • Managing International requirements with a U.S. implementation
  • To enable seamless integration catering to IT needs across major business segments including merged organization
  • Facilitate heavy multi-site data exchange across geography

The project relied heavily on our senior EDI consultants and their attention to detail. Our team traveled to and from the client location while working through challenging obstacles including different international time zones.  After following ED’s best practices, implementation and methodology, the project was successful and went live with Gentran Server and IFS.  Furthermore, Kendrion requested Effective Data to provided on-going support and monitoring through their Managed Services.  This included:

  • 18 implementations and roll out internationally
  • 8 automotive (part production) companies
  • Fully implemented barcode logistic solutions (automotive) for 14 Automotive OEM worldwide
  • EDI solution (US) integrated client plants in US, Germany and Austria
  • EDI template with Effective data (plug and play)
  • Big Bang solution (without production or delivery break down)

ED was contracted to assist with many subsequent projects including upgrading from IFS 7.5 to 9.3 which included the following objectives:

  • Test and support the IFS Upgrade project and its complete EDI impact
    • Implementation of new EDI Test System pointing to IFS 9.3 Test
    • Migration of existing Production System from IFS 7.5 to IFS 9.3
  • Documentation of ALL EDI Mappings
    • Complete list of Customers, IDs and associated maps
  • Complete EDI Test Plan
    • Proof of Concept
    • Detailed Map Testing
    • Selected Customer Full Integration Testing
  • EDI Training
    • General Overview
    • Issue Resolution
  • Complete the entire project (excluding change requests) within the time and budget estimates given.

Due to Effective Data’s technical skills and expertise, the completed tasks above were successful.  This ensured Kendrion that ED was invaluable and the best business partner for their EDI needs.

 Effective Data’s Role

  • IFS knowledge and expertise across multiple versions
  • EDI Translator experience
  • B2B gateway & integration solution & trading partner onboarding
  • Upgraded the application infrastructure, working with cross functional teams
  • Ongoing support


As a result of the successful implementation, Kendrion was able to focus on its core business and allow Effective Data to run its daily EDI operations. Effective Data’s comprehensive suite of innovate products, knowledge and integration skills, saved Kendrion time and money and the ability to implement IFS seamlessly. 

Effective Data has become the go-to EDI source for countless businesses in an extraordinarily wide range of industries, delivering impressive EDI expertise and support, and unrivaled peace of mind. To learn how Effective Data can modernize your EDI, contact us.

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