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EDI and Automotive

The automotive industry has been using EDI for over 50 years.  The smooth running of today’s car production lines relies on the seamless exchange of business documents between the car manufacturers and their supply chain.

Many business processes used in the manufacturing of today’s cars were developed from production systems that have evolved over time. Best practices such as Just-In-Time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing began around efficiencies and are central to the smooth running of many production lines around the world.  EDI provides a fast and efficient way to transfer business documents in order to support these types of manufacturing processes. Providing visibility of inventory levels and notifications of when shipments are due to arrive at the production line are critical to making JIT and Lean Manufacturing processes a success.

The global nature of the automotive industry means that it is important for car manufacturers to be able to onboard their suppliers as quickly as possible, no matter where they may be based around the world. Many car manufacturers have established a manufacturing presence in Eastern Europe, Brazil and China, for example. It is important to ensure that suppliers located in these regions are able to exchange EDI documents as smoothly as possible. ICT skills across low-cost or emerging markets are traditionally very scarce. Therefore, the car manufacturers must ensure that they can provide simple-to-use EDI tools that enable even the smallest suppliers to trade electronically.

How Can Effective Data Help?

Effective Data offers solutions that support a document’s lifecycle through integrations with existing applications and system throughout the supply chain. Our EDI Cloud and software solutions will get you started with the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive systems available today.

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