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Cloud EDI and ERP Integration


Effective Data has helped many businesses move their EDI environment to Cloud EDI and when our NetSuite partner called, Effective Data had the perfect solution.  ED Connect is our off-premise, pay-per-use cloud platform which allowed our partner to provide ERP integration using our Cloud EDI as the backbone. 

Our client is a NetSuite reseller who has expertise in all functional areas of NetSuite including implementation, design, development, services and provides unparalleled service as a top-tier NetSuite Solutions Provider and for close to a decade, they have implemented business technology solutions and services that drive efficiency and solve the challenges modern businesses face.

Working with Effective Data and thru their tailored development, implementation, services and management, they have helped clients streamline business processes and the flow of critical information with benefits including:

  • Unify disparate business sectors through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supercharge business-wide Accounting, Financial Planning & Management
  • Drive more eCommerce sales and revenue
  • Retain loyalty & satisfaction with stellar Customer Relationship Mgmt
  • Optimize for Inventory and Warehouse Management

Business Situation:

The challenges of ramping up to meet surging demand are huge.  “We had to move quickly to build capacity within our ERP product offering specifically around EDI.”  The company needed help fast.  The existing ERP platform was handling higher volumes and the lack of an interface between the ERP and EDI meant their clients had to secure extra labor to key in orders, advance shipping notices and invoices for accounting, third part logistics providers and EDI customers.  Even if you could hire and train fast enough, costs were too high to tolerate this manually-driven model.

These challenges are typical of a mid-sized company coping with rapid expansion. In response, they did what good companies do, carefully assessing their predicament and planning for improvements, beginning with documenting current processes.  The company reviewed options and while they could have developed a custom process, it made much more sense to leverage EDI experts to provide the experience and technology needed to move data.

They needed someone with an EDI engine in place along with the experience to quickly and simply integrate into their ERP system directly.  They decided to focus on core competencies which is ERP development and find an EDI company which could provide the interfaces, resources and processes necessary to support a backend EDI process.  Why take resources away from their primary mission to excel at ERP support when others can excel at EDI?  The decision was made that outsourced EDI made the most sense and searched for the best managed services provider.

That’s when they discovered Effective Data.  Cloud delivered EDI was intriguing, no software to install or maintain and a standard interface to NetSuite or Customer ERP to eliminate error prone data juggling.  Effective Data featured low initial cost and full services EDI provided by a staff of dedicated professionals.

Effective Data Role

The role involved providing:

  • Assistance with file integration
  • EDI support before and during the cloud migration process
  • Enhancements – IBM B2B -SAP integration/interfaces to improve business management processes
  • B2B gateway & integration solution, trading partner onboarding
  • Migrate all EDI maps and transactions to our ED Cloud Solution
  • Ongoing support and outsourcing of EDI environment


As a result of its work with Effective Data, the client was better able to focus on its core business and leave the EDI to its business partners Effective Data.  The centralized process of the ED Cloud solution significantly reduced errors in transactional messages like purchase orders and invoices, which saved considerable time, money and effort. Moreover, the new process gave greater controls and expedited timelines to the onboarding process.

Some of the benefits included:

  • Client can focus on core business and leave EDI to the experts
  • Cloud EDI is becoming today’s most popular EDI solution. Effective Data’s ED Connect sets the industry standard with reduced start-up costs, access to seasoned expertise, universal compatibility and unprecedented peace of mind.
  • Infinite Integration – Support for any platform including but not limited to all systems including SAP, Oracle, SAGE, QuickBooks™, custom, etc. EDI, EDIFACT, XML, SV, file delimited, any-to-any mapping
  • Unparalleled Security - Secure facility audited to SSAE 16 Type II and certified to ISO 20000-1 standard and complete back-up protection and auditing
  • Lastly but not least our trust to work with ED Team.

Effective Data has become the go-to EDI source for countless businesses in an extraordinarily wide range of industries, delivering impressive EDI expertise and support, and unrivaled peace of mind. To learn how Effective Data can modernize your EDI, contact us.

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