Standardized, Customized Software Solutions.

Your software should come from a company that understands your business needs. Primeur believes in continuous and constant relationships and feedback with its clients. Its products are standardized, yet customized to your specific requirements. Effective Data will help you choose the right Primeur software to address your business integration, managed file transfer security, file governance, security and data integration goals.

Ghibili Business Integrator

  • Single point of integration, management and control of file and message data
  • Ensures compliance with corporate security policies
  • Maximizes your existing infrastructure investment
  • Enables governance of the complete processing cycle of data

Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure

  • Reduce costs and increase agility by centrally managing multiple file transfer products
  • See that all files have actually been sent and/or received
  • Be certain that data has been exchanged within customizable security policies
  • Manage file transfer products and protocols from a variety of vendors

Spazio File Governance

  • Achieve visibility, management, traceability and monitoring of data and files throughout their lifecycle
  • Simplify strategic decision making and identification of critical file information, centralized management of flows, tracking and application of security policies
  • Better optimize business processes while reducing infrastructure and data management costs

Spazio e-M.A.I.L. (Managed-Audited-Integrated-Limitless)

  • Ideal for companies that move critical information by e-mail
  • Send very large e-mails without restrictions, in a controlled manner
  • Exchange sensitive data securely with any communication partner
  • Provides traceability, authentication and authorization

Spazio Adapter for SAP PI (Process Integration software)

  • Comprehensive SAP managed file transfer solution
  • Facilitates transfers between entities with varying protocols and requirements
  • All file transfers are fully auditable
  • Deliver fast and secure managed file transfer to your changing business needs

Spazio DMZ Gateway

  • Protects your data and configurations against unauthorized access in architectures exposed to the Internet
  • External IP address tracking
  • Active FTP
  • Multiple DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) instances, Dynamic Port Binding

Spazio A3 Server

  • A centralized server for authentication, authorization and auditing (AAA) using industry standards security components
  • Achieve significant savings, agility, flexibility and adhesion
  • Central service external to applications
  • Reuse existing infrastructures or create new ones
  • Acts as a flexible central service for any application or process