We’ll Support It,
Even if We Don’t Sell It.

There are hundreds of data movement software solutions on the market. While Effective Data sells, installs and supports many of the most popular options, we also have expertise working with products that we don’t sell directly. Ask us how we can support you with these leading software platforms:



OpenText TrustedLink™
An Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled B2B translator that provides you with everything you need for EDI integration.

OpenText BizManager™
Products that offer a comprehensive B2B communications gateway for messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking and auditing your transactions.

GXS Application Integrator
A mapping and translation application that offers drag-and-drop mapping, a dual translation engine for EDI and XML, and supports more than 30 character sets.


Business Integration Server (BIS)
The main component of the SEEBURGER business Integration Suite—the central process control unit for transferring data with any partner and system.


Quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications.


Tibco Business-to-Business Solution
A complete B2B integration platform that extends application integration to include business partners, vendors, banks and customers.


BizTalk Server
Automate processes with enterprise-wide application integration, connect applications across your enterprise, increase productivity and more.


The #1 EDI software solution that gives you control over your entire EDI process, regardless of your industry or size.