IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

For expanding enterprises, the demand for secure and reliable file transfer grows every day. Decision makers manage a higher number of clients and a higher volume of tasks as they upsell and grow relationships with existing partners. These transactions need to happen in real time with utmost attention to security.

The IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is a solution that provides reliable point-to-point file transfers, making collaboration and partner relationships easier to manage than ever. This system is designed to handle a high volume of files so that quality delivery is assured. Not only can it be used to communicate with external partners, but various arms of a single enterprise can use Connect:Direct to complete important data transfers.

Common needs include synchronization of central and disaster-recovery sites, convergence billing in telecommunications, secure transfer of check image files and consolidated credit card transaction data. As an enterprise grows, the geographic territory it operates in may become larger and more disparate. Thus, manual tasks are less practical to ensure consistency and quality across channels of the business. Legacy systems may also lack the security and monitoring ability of newer EDI platforms.

Companies sink or swim based on their ability to send deliverables on time. This means information needs to be sent to the proper destination during the correct time window so that partners can act on new data immediately. Moreover, this isn’t a one-time need: Enterprises need to function in this manner around the clock, every single day.

Here are some of the advantages of the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct.

Automation and management

  • Supports unattended operations around the clock
  • Schedules jobs on a one-time, recurring, or continuous basis
  • Assigns and manages file transfer workload
  • Process language builds scripts to provide integration with    back-end systems
  • API and SDK for programmatic access by other applications

Assured file delivery

  • Supports checkpoint restart
  • Automatic recovery from network interruptions
  • Automated alert notifications for success and failure

Security and compliance

  • Interfaces with operating system security for user authentication
  • Provides a complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistics logs
  • Compatible with IBM Sterling Secure Proxy and Sterling Connect:Direct Secure+ option

Operating system and network compatibility

  • Compatible with z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS (OS/400), UNIX and Linux, Windows, and HP NonStop
  • Supports network protocols for TCP/IP, SNA, UDT (UNIX 4.0, z/OS 4.8, Windows 4.5)

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