B2B Cloud Solutions

B2B Cloud solutions from Effective Data and IBM securely connect and rapidly build your partner communities by using B2B Cloud solutions. B2B Cloud Services solutions range from on demand to fully managed solutions and provide you with the flexibility to quickly adapt as the needs of your business change.  For expanding enterprises, the demand for secure and reliable file transfer grows every day. Decision makers manage a higher number of clients and a higher volume of tasks as they upsell and grow relationships with existing partners. These transactions need to happen in real time with utmost attention to security.

Export B2B Cloud Services

We provide ongoing management and support of your B2B solution so you can focus on running your business. Services can include: 

  • B2B Mapping services
  • Translation, community and visibility services
  • Infrastructure and communication management
  • B2B Support services
  • Document process management
  • Transition services, including planning, design, project management and testing
  • Integration services
  • Trading partner community support
  • And More

B2B Cloud Solution Benefits

  • Reduced order, pricing and invoice errors
  • Increased profitability by reducing the cost and increasing the reliability of B2B operations
  • Improvements in key performance metrics such as faster order-to-cash, increased satisfaction and increased perfect order percentages
  • Improved agility and control of your supply chain with real-time business process intelligence
  • Ability to re-focus your IT resources on strategic and high-priority initiatives

You can take advantage of and benefit from the fast implementations and lower start-up costs to help you optimize your business community with the following core solutions provided by Effective Data through our partnership with IBM.

  • IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is a foundational component of our B2B Cloud Services. Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is the IBM B2B Integration on Cloud platform, which differs from traditional VANs. A VAN delivers information from one point to another. B2B Integration on Cloud gives you visibility into that information in real time. Your view of that data can be linked within a business context to monitor whole processes (such as order-to-cash) instead of only individual transactions.

This comprehensive process visibility helps you improve strategic decision making with accurate, real-time data, even as you enhance the experience of customers through corporate-wide, real-time views into order status. You also can analyze trading partner performance through the key metrics of Sterling B2B Collaboration Network.

Exchange Services

You can move almost all of your information with the following exchange services:

  • Comprehensive protocol support that includes async and Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP).
  • Through most Internet protocols
    • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct®
    • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    • File Transfer Protocol/Pretty Good Privacy (FTP/PGP)
    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    • X.400
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
    • WebSphere MQ
    • EDIINT protocols AS1 and AS2
  • Support for multiple data types such as XML, CSV, iDoc, and many flat file formats and EDI standards.
  • Support for 100 public and private networks worldwide.

IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services

IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services combines the IBM Sterling B2B Integration software products, VAN, and related trading community development and business process visibility services with B2B process management and trading partner support services to create B2B and EDI managed services solutions.

Building on the B2B integration and process visibility capabilities of the IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network, IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services reduces the burden on internal resources, as shown in Figure 1.  The Integration Services also minimize your costs and accelerate your ability to achieve B2B collaboration through the addition of B2B process management and trading partner support.

Contact us today to discuss your cloud B2B integration needs.  Our experts can help determine your requirments and customize a solution that is right for you. »