Effective Data Delivers for International Imaging Company

Effective Data (ED) has partnered with an international diagnostic imaging company that develops and manufactures contrast agents and medical devices.  Their growing business crippled their internal staff and forced them to look for an outside experienced EDI vendor.  The customer required ongoing support (Managed Services) for their daily monitoring as well as “as needed” (Consulting) support for projects. 

This customer had many challenges.  They had two difficult and complicated EDI software packages currently installed in their environment.  Because of the multi-EDI system in place, the customer was experiencing many errors and delays with their trading partners and documents.   The customer requested an evaluation of their current EDI environment and how to apply best practices.  We assigned a consultant onsite to perform an EDI Assessment.  This included a thorough analysis of their current systems and processes while suggesting new streamlined procedures and incorporating successful best practices for their business. 

In addition to the EDI Assessment project, our ED consultants performed onboarding new trading partners, mapping, testing and installing new communication protocols for their customers.    

Our Managed Services department monitors their EDI system on a daily basis.  We review and address any issues that arise and correct any problems if needed.  This also includes engaging any internal resources on their SAP team for any integration, communication and reporting discrepancies.   

ED is extremely happy for the strong relationship with this client.   As a valued partner, our ED resources are providing EDI experience and technical skills to allow the company to focus on their internal business.  Effective Data is a forward thinking leader in b2b strategies and technology.    


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